Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shearing Day

I am posting a few pictures from yesterday when we sheared our small flock which is a motley crew of corriedales and a mix finn/babydoll breed.

This is Thorin, a corriedale awaiting shearing.  He is our big guy and is not very happy to be in a small pen.

And here he is on the left, also not very happy after what he just went through.  (they do recover quickly)

Below are my finn/babiedolls.  The darker one, Belladonna, is the mama of the white ones, Pippin and Merry.

Here they are after their very first haircut. (they were one year old last month).  I am very interested in how their wool will felt.  Babydoll's fleece is not that great for wet felting, however, I am hoping that the finn in them will counteract that. 


  1. You must have been between tears and joy to see them being sheered. They look so skinny and forlorn after having their 'coat' taken off. Now of course you have a LOT of beautiful wool to use in your wonderful creations.

    I'm still plugging along on my 'show quilt'. After it is done, back to the chemo quilts.

  2. I had to find out how the babydolls would felt, so I quickly skirted a small amount, washed it up and attempted the wet felting. Unfortunately it is way too *springy*. It does felt, but takes a long time and doesn't really compact. It will make nice stuffing for pillows anyway! Also for the middle part of a rug?

  3. I got here from stitchingfingers. Love your animals! Will keep an eye out for them (and your fiber art) in the future.