Thursday, November 1, 2012

Felting Play Day

I spent most of yesterday playing with dyed roving, most of which was done using koolaid.  I had an idea to felt around some sea marbles and sea glass and then cut open a window thinking it might make an interesting necklace piece.

Below is the marble placed on the dry roving before I wetted it down and started felting.

Unfortunately, while the technique worked, the results were less than spectacular.  The very cool sea marble ended up looking like just an old battered piece of glass.  Today, I am going to try some larger pieces of sea glass.  I will post these results at some point. 


 I was able to create some small bowl and (I think) some really cool beads!  Since yesterday was Halloween and  judging from the colors, I must have had more holiday spirit going than I realized!  Don't forget, you can click on picture to enlarge.

The bowls are small, approximately 4 inches across the top.  They are a lot of fun to make and actually less physical work than the beads.  The muscles in my upper arms and across my upper back can feel that I was felting yesterday.  I will be sure and do a bit of a warm up before I start this morning.