Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Camp and beyond

I seem to be a seasonal blogger.  To describe my summer seems too daunting, however, I do want to share some photos of the art camp and campers. Windover Art Center in Newburgh, Maine has been around forever and this year I was lucky enough to score a teaching position.
We worked in fiber; processing wool from my sheep and our projects ranged from beads to slippers. 

We also made a variety of items such as tee shirt jewelry and blue jean bags.  Old tee shirts and jeans were scooped up at the local Salvation Army and from donations.

I am hoping to teach again next summer.  It was such a wonderful experience.   Love the kids, love their energy!

Now, I am busy making mittens, pillows and pouches out of repurposed sweaters and wool jackets.  Posted below are some examples.

 Aproximately 15" by 15"

 All recycled items:  zippers, wool and tee shirt material for the loops.

I am at number 50 or so mitten wise.  I have lost track!

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