Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last month and other things

In March, I went to a workshop in Easthampton, Mass.  I had posted a detailed account of my adventure and sadly, some jerk with nothing better to do scammed it and I was unable to delete his/her post.  I had to delete the entire entry to get rid of the stupidness.  Lesson learned.  I now moderate my blog which I suppose I should have been doing all along.

I am going to repost a couple of picture from my trip; it really was fabulous. Lisa Klakulak was the instructor and if you haven't seen her artwork, you should: .  It was a four day workshop, I learned so much, had a great time, picked up some lovely fiber at New England Felting Supply and made some friends as well!

Park Street B and B, where I stayed.  I highly recommend it!

Beautiful Eva, one of my fellow students, but already a very talented felting artist.  You can see her beautiful work here:

We will be sheering our sheep this coming May 11th.  I will try and get before/after shots.  It really is quite remarkable.  


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  1. Dear Marti
    Sorry you had a problem with your blog. Luckily, I saw it and loved it.
    I do not use any 'catcha'. I just have to approve any post. Seems easier for me. People do not want to be edited IF they are doing nasty things.
    Wishing you JOY on your Journey,