Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Big Blue

Now 27-l...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tribute to Paul

My day job is hospice nursing.  Recently a patient of mine died after a long long journey. Paul (not his real name) was a painter, a Mainer who took pride in his work, in his independence.  He fought for his life fiercely and when his battle ended, he passed with dignity and grace.

 After his death his widow who had discovered I do my own painting (barn and house last summer), gifted me Paul's drop cloths.   She was not aware that I also am a fiber artist and I immediately took apart one of the cloths that had glorious splotches of yellow paint spilled on it.  My first piece using Paul's cloth is a tribute to him with impressionistic lupines.   It measures approximately 18" x 18".   I did the quilting in yellow, because the whole piece is all about that color. I am undecided on a border and would welcome any thoughts.  Would the canvas cloth be too thick to do a bias, would it work?

A close up of above piece. 
This is very different from anything I have done.  I added Lumiere paint to the yellow, some stamping, and then created the lupines.  I am very happy with this and am thinking of gifting it to his wife. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

My friend Sam

I have made something for Sam, my best friend, my boyfriend, my husband. 

He has recently put a saltwater tank in his office.  The stand has an opening in the front where he will store the necessary supplies to maintain tank, etc.  With wires running down the back and bottles of stuff stacked in front on the shelf, it is not very attractive.  So...I made this over the weekend for him.  It is 30" x 30". 

I did look closely at Kathy York's seahorse, but unlike hers, I did not use painted dots but thread.  I included a puffer fish hiding in coral also.  My background is a commercial fabric, heavily machine quilted with invisible thread.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

T T: Huge Success

Yesterday my "Celebrate Lupines in Winter" went for the gold price of $120.00!!!!!!!!!  I am on cloud nine! 

Fiber Art for a Cause - Tote Tuesday - raised $4157 yesterday for a total of $5675 for the American Cancer Society. And there are two ToteTuesdays to go on February 16 and 23rd.

Check Virginia's site for a mini-preview of the unique, inspiring and beautiful totes donated by generous sponsors/donors yet to be put up for bid:

I was prompted by Robin Koehler's postings to try some new approaches in my quilting.

Old worn out quilt I made in the early 80's.  Couldn't bear to throw it out, it has been much loved and much used.  So...
Using a brayer and some Lumiere paint, I made it new again!  It has an almost maplike quality, don't you think?  Now what?  I have a few ideas and will post results as soon as I have something.