Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Using Scraps and Recycling

I was visiting Jackie's Art Quilts blog yesterday and she was discussing using scraps of leftover fabric.  I mentioned I used my scraps for small or mini art pieces.  Below are a few very recent examples.

Of course my lupine love continues.  Above the background is an old quilt I made probably in the 70's,  I used a breyer to paint it blue, I added some darker blue organza a bit off center, embroidered my lupines using french knots.  The leaves were appliqued and then a bit of free motion stitching.

Here I used combination of paint, applique and thread sketching.

Lobster boat, using applique and thread painting.

My depiction of the Rockland Lobster Fest  with the bright tents and foggy harbor.  Applique and thread painting.

Route 9 is also known as The Airline by Mainers and stretches up to Downeast Maine.  The moose heading onto the highway is not an uncommon sight here and there are many MVAs each year due to their wandering onto the road.

 All three pieces above were made using old woolen coats/sweaters and small fabric pieces.

 And finally, these I cut from an old quilt made in the 80's.  It has been loved and used to death, but had some pieces still good enough to use to make valentines

Click on the pictures for a larger view. I am off to finish making my valentines!


  1. I love these little quilts. Are they postcard size?

  2. Norma, most of them are postcard size with some a bit larger. They are sold with small easels for display. It is so much fun to work small - obviously the time factor - because I tend to get bored easily.