Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shhhhh...Compost sleeping

We woke to more snow this morning.  Our compost sleeps undisturbed through the winter.
Well, almost undisturbed. :)

 Our path looks completely different draped in snow.   Even sound is different in the snow.

 Deer tracks crossing the path very close to the house.

 Heading back home for some hot chocolate?


  1. Snow makes everything look so beautiful. If the driveway and roads were always open, I wouldn't mind it a bit. Unfortunately, last night and today we really got socked in here in Brunswick.

  2. Those are gorgeous pics Marti! And thank you for the tip on Misty fuse.. I am going to try that one for sure.

  3. It all looks lovely -- though I noticed you didn't take a picture of the thermometer. I imagine that wasn't so lovely!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You don't give an e-mail contact, so I am posting this as a comment. I've added my name to your followers' list and hope you will post more often. I love blogs by someone whose life is very different from mine. Today in SCalifornia it is 78F! Del