Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marti

Wet felting practice a few days ago, and I made this little bag.  Does it look like a hippie bag?  Well, I am of that era.  Hollis and Annie were very interested in the bag also.  As soon as Annie was out of the picture, here came Holly. sniff sniff sniff...what's this....?  Love my Aussies!

Today is my 60th birthday and I am amazed to be typing this sentence.  How did this happen, this past sixty years?!  Life is good and I am hoping for another great year like the last one.  

Here is the final result of my surface design round robin.  I love the geckos and the dots and circles on the little guys really make this pop.  Suzi from Iowa added those last details that really make this pop, don't you think?  I am considering making this into a triptych (sp) and placing close to my papier mache gecko I made a few years ago.  He currently lives in my laundry room and I have room on an adjacent wall.

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