Friday, September 9, 2011

Gandolf RIP

 Gandolf died on August 20th.  It was a very peaceful death with his head in my lap after our vet administered a tranquilizer.  Seeing the pain leave his face is what I have carried with me the past couple of weeks.  He was a serene, gentle soul and I miss him.
 Here is Gandolf with his "don't mess with me" look.  Totally a bluff, he loved nothing better being brushed and hugged.
One final picture of Gandolf with his ears forward.  Always a sign of happiness!


  1. I miss him. just being near him. I miss his beautiful intelligent eyes. I miss putting my face close to his and getting a llama hug from him. He would rest his head on my shoulder. He was strong and gentle and seemed so wise. He loved to be brushed. Every day I brushed him and he would rather be brushed than eat grain. (and he loved grain) :) I miss him.