Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I live in Maine

Yesterday was a day full of snow with a fire going in the fireplace and the aussies laying at my feet (or laying out in the snow, which they love just as much).

Today, the sun is bright and I have always meant to get a picture of this stream, which is on my way home from Bangor. Today was the day.


 My *new* sheep are not so new anymore and fit right in.  They still let me handle them and pet them and it is such a sweetness I cannot describe. Thorin is the big one and Merry is one of the newbies looking at me.  They all have a coat of snowy ice on their coats.

All of the above and much much more...this is Maine to me and I am in love.


  1. This all looks so beautiful and bucolic!

  2. Every time you write about the fire going, I am sooo jealous. I have turned up the heat. Maine is just so beautiful! Another plus is that I live in a small town, Brunswick, which I absolutely love.

  3. Come on over Ann, I'll make some hot chocolate. <3