Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shhhhh...Compost sleeping

We woke to more snow this morning.  Our compost sleeps undisturbed through the winter.
Well, almost undisturbed. :)

 Our path looks completely different draped in snow.   Even sound is different in the snow.

 Deer tracks crossing the path very close to the house.

 Heading back home for some hot chocolate?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter in Maine and Merry Christmas!

 I love winter in Maine.  I love the snow, the cold, the fire going in the fireplace. 

 I love the handmade Christmas cards that arrive in the mail.  My friend, Jan, made this one and even the envelope is pretty!

My handmade mittens from recycled sweaters have all been delivered to Archipelago.  Not as many this year as I had thought I would make, but life does seem to have a way of butting into plans.

The hat below just sort of happened, no pattern, I was playing with some interesting bits of sweater pieces and it came together.  The flower can be removed, made from organza and tulle.  This hat along with mittens and matching scarf are going to a special friend. 

Presents, cards, yummy candies and cakes, these are all such a wonderful part of the Christmas season.  I would like wish a warm holiday for everyone.  For the vet out on the street, the teen who needs a hand, the families who have lost their homes due to Sandy.  For the families in Connecticut I wish some type of comfort, no matter how small.