Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet new sheep

Our latest addition to my flock, two baby ewes and the mama.  They are a cross of southdown babydoll and part shetland.  The babies were born in May and had not been separated from their mother so when I went to look at them I knew I could not bear to break up this little family.  I brought all three home with me and I am so glad I did!  They are very tame which suits me fine because my flock is so small and I love the contact.  Having tame sheep with a large herd might become annoying at feeding time!   Already the mama loves to have her neck rubbed every evening. 

This is Merry.  Of the two babies, she looks most like a southdown babydoll, with her rounded face.

My daughter came to vist shortly after I brought them home.  I had to separate them from the others because Lady was not playing nice with them, butting them, chasing the mama, cornering her and being very mean.  They are now all living happily together.

 Keeping with my hobbit theme, obsession, love, whatever, I have named the babies Merry and Pippin and the mama Belladonna (Took) Baggins who as you know married Balbo Baggins and was the mother of Bilbo Baggins.  :)  Bella had an amateur haircut before she came to me but she is a beautiful russet color and I cannot wait to play with her wool.

Looking up is Pippin.  Notice her face is thinner than Merry's.

Because Babydoll fleece is not the best for wet felting, I am hoping that the shetland in these sheep will counter that.  If not, I still have the cute factor which is most important to me. 

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