Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I made three bells for this wind chime.  By cutting the ends off of three butter knife handles, drilling a hole in the tops and using a fork tine for the clapper.  The sound is delightful!

 This windchime is made with mussel shells, old pieces of pottery and some drift wood.  It makes a different sound than the glass, a very pleasing, deeper sound.


  1. These are really fun and pretty! I love the sea glass.

  2. I think you have found a 'Happy Niche'. These are really lovely. I have the one you gave me hanging by my side door. Afraid to hang it out front because it might grow feet and walk away some dark night.
    I've got some old, odd pieces of silver + a friend with a drill. . . . HMMMMM . . . just thinking. . . .