Friday, June 11, 2010

What's On My Board

The question was posed on QA, so I am showing my board and also another project I am currently working on.  Not very orderly, but it's me.  :)   On the left is a piece of ugly cloth I used up some leftover paint on not too long ago.  The colors remind me of blueberry pie, so my thought was to combine it with the hexagons to the right of it (painted dryer sheets) and incorporate a bee or bees?   Any thoughts on this?  Trust me, nothing is TOO radical!   It is definitely in the stewing phase right now.

Here is a closeup.  I have done a bit of stitching.

This morning I have been working on quilting the top for a friend.  She wanted a matalasse type of quilting and left it up to me the design.  I decided on leaves as you can see below.

A closeup to show the stitching.

I have been playing with this face off and on for a couple of months now, hand stitching.  It will be for my daughter.  I made her some curtains a few years ago with material that contains this face, very unusual commercial fabric.  I thought she would enjoy an addition.  :)

I have a few other things on  my board that are also stewing, but in the background right now.  I am off to finish binding Audrey's quilt.
I am looking forward to seeing what is on everyone else's board!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Clean Sewing Room

Yesterday was a work marathon, going through literally piles of stuff that had accumulated in the past month as I prepared for the opening of the gallery and worked on the pieces for the Archipelago

I do not believe my room has ever been messy? distressed?  At any rate, I am happy to post the following pictures.

Our library had their annual yardsale recently and I found this gorgeous vintage suitcase for only fifty CENTS.  The inside is in mint condition and begged to be seen so I decided to display it in my newly cleaned room.  I loaded it with some of my prize fabrics,  snow dyed pieces of Gisela,  some Laura Wasilowski, and some hand painted fabric by Mickey Lawler.
Not long ago, a friend gave me this gorgeous old kenmore and I thought it would look great on display also.  Isn't the color wonderful?

Now...I am going up to my room and see if I can't mess it up a little.  :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The First of June

As of today, I have three pieces hanging in Archipelago in Rockland, Maine., for the entire month of June. If these sell, perhaps I will be invited back!!

One of my newest, measuring 16" x 24", entitled Lupine Memories.  This started with a used drop cloth, added more paint, some stamping, raw edge applique and finally, I placed a yellow sheer over the top and free motion stitched.

My latest lupine piece using old quilt that I painted with a roller, fused blue organza to the center, raw edge applique green organza leaves and then the french knots.  I am very fond of the french knot. This piece measures 10" x 12".

As a general rule in Maine, if you have your garden in by June 1st, you are good to go.  I just finished my last row and it looks like rain.  Perfect timing.
My bluebird house was inhabited by tree swallows this year and while I am not unhappy to have them - they are very pretty, let me get fairly close to admire them and they eat mosquitoes...the birdhouse was for my bluebirds!  Purchased another birdhouse and amazingly they came.  Mr and Mrs Bluebird are busy at this moment building their nest!

My sheep were sheared about three weeks ago and I have about thirty pounds of fleece to process.  I need a clone!

This is Precious, our white corriedale  being shorn.

...and Precious afterwards  with a new spring coat!

My Lupines are in full bloom and beautiful as ever!

New work entitled Escape.  It really is centered, just bad photography. I printed a couple of dandelion leaves, then free motioned around them. Also made a free motion dandelion bloom in the attempted style of EAE.This measures 16 x 16.