Friday, June 4, 2010

Clean Sewing Room

Yesterday was a work marathon, going through literally piles of stuff that had accumulated in the past month as I prepared for the opening of the gallery and worked on the pieces for the Archipelago

I do not believe my room has ever been messy? distressed?  At any rate, I am happy to post the following pictures.

Our library had their annual yardsale recently and I found this gorgeous vintage suitcase for only fifty CENTS.  The inside is in mint condition and begged to be seen so I decided to display it in my newly cleaned room.  I loaded it with some of my prize fabrics,  snow dyed pieces of Gisela,  some Laura Wasilowski, and some hand painted fabric by Mickey Lawler.
Not long ago, a friend gave me this gorgeous old kenmore and I thought it would look great on display also.  Isn't the color wonderful?

Now...I am going up to my room and see if I can't mess it up a little.  :)

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