Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working Away

I have been working fast and furious and have finished some more pieces I will show below.  However, I have also taken the time to enjoy this glorious spring we are experiencing.  The weather has been fantastic and unusually warm for Maine (spring is not usually my favorite season, in fact, we call it "mud season").

Trillium in my park

Tiger Lily, my walking partner, who wanted her tummy rubbed.

My rock garden in progress that I started last summer

 This was a screen print from my workshop last week.  I placed a yellow sheer on top, stitched the lupine leaves, hand stitched the abstract blueberry and finished the edges with organza ribbon. 
Click on picture to enlarge

Faded buoys, my first attempt at stitching a wood grain.

Entitled Acid Rain, this piece pretty much dictated I make it.  I had several other projects going and I ran across a piece of drop cloth that I had painted gray and pink and orange.  I looked at it and put everything else aside until I had finished it.  It is fairly large 20x12 mounted on canvas covered in fabric that was snow dyed by Gisela:


  1. Your acid rain piece is powerful.

  2. These are great and show such range! i agree that your Acid Rain piece is powerful. How big are the other pieces?

  3. Thanks Vivien and Sherrie! The other two pieces are small, mini art, approx. 6 x 4".