Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Latest

I have worked on this puffin most of today and I am so pleased with him.  After making my "bust" puffin, I challenged myself to do a full body - just to make sure it wasn't a fluke!

Heavy threadpainting is not my normal MO.  I have done a few pieces, including my bust puffin I mentioned above, but I find it very time consuming and usually I like the look of  thread sketching better.  It lends a lighter, more free look.

With that said, here is my newest puffin and I think my all time best!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Productivity Continues

It seems my motivation to complete projects is continuing into this month!  Several additional pieces I have finished are shown below

Sadly, the colors of the water and sky do not truly reflect the beautiful colors in the commercial print I used for background.    12" x 10"

This piece was done on more of my painter's dropcloth.  I used dyed silk rods for the flower, raw edge applique of green tulle, some hand work, and framed it with a traditional binding.  It measures 15" x 24".

...and just in case you thought I was finally through with lupines!  This is another old quilt background, painted, lupines embroidered and leaves raw edge appliqued.  It measures 12" x 18".   I cannot seem to get enough of lupines.  Below is a picture taken a few days ago in one of my flower beds.  They are finally up!